A Different Kind of Sunday Funday

Poetry at Parties

Sunday is that day of the week when I sleep in, grab brunch with a friend or two and see where the day takes me. This Sunday was no different, especially considering it was mixed with a Wedding hangover. You know, the kind of hangover induced by an open bar. Despite my fuzzy demeanor it was a cheerful autumn day in Williamsburg. Continue reading

It’s not a Meat-a-ball

About to dig into my first Meatball Shop ice cream sandwich two years ago.

About to dig into my first Meatball Shop ice cream sandwich two years ago.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve made a post on my treasured blog – 5 months to be exact! Honestly I’ve felt so guilty about it but at the same time I feel so different from when I first started writing this blog. For example, when I wrote about moving to Brooklyn a year ago I wrote that I cried at the thought of leaving Manhattan. Now I think about that and I shudder in embarrassment. Brooklyn is badass! At any rate I want to get back at this and continue to share the many aspects of New York living; whether it’s eating, drinking, concerts, events, random acts of craziness or maybe even dating (probably not). SO here I go! Continue reading

Spitzer’s Corner

Spitzer's Burger
Season: Spring

Mood: After an 11 hour work day we were starving and in need of a drink but wanted to keep it low cost due to going out several times this week. Continue reading

Caracas Arepa Bar – Brooklyn

Brooklyn Summer Ale & Venezuelan Rum

Meal: Dinner at Caracas Arepa Bar

Season: Spring

Why: Met up with friends to watch the NBA playoffs at my neighborhood sports bar, Mulholland’s but we didn’t want to eat un-healthy bar food. Continue reading

Nawlins Edition

The New Year calls for new adventures and thanks to my friends upcoming nuptials I had an excuse to explore a new city. Last weekend we went to celebrate her bachelorette party in New Orleans. A city deep with culture, I was anticipating nothing short of a good time. The maid of honor planned everything and I was able to simply enjoy the ride. Continue reading